Celebrating Farmers Contributions to California’s Farm to Family Program

December is Farm to Food Bank Month

Branch of mandarins

Over the years California’s farmers and ranchers have donated more than 200 million pounds to the California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family Program. Here is a glimpse of the generosity that has occurs every year.

Fowler Packing Company donates each year to the program. To date, they have donated 19,204,399 mandarins over the past 12 years!

To date, Harris Fresh has donated more than 14 million onions over the past 12 years!

Pile of yellow onions

Farmers and ranchers are asked to Celebrate ‘Farm to Food Bank Month’ by making a future donation pledge today!  Every donation helps – it’s good for families and good for farmers. Please contact Steve Linkhart of the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) at 866-321-4435.Thanks to CA GROWN for all of your support!

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