Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Office of Farm to Fork releases publications on Farm to School Programs and Career and Technical Education Programs

The Office of Farm to Fork is pleased to release three reports today. The first report, Farm to School Food Safety Guidelines: How to Safely Handle Fresh Produce from Farm to Fork, outlines food safety tips for farms and schools engaged in farm to school programs. The second report, Agriculture and Culinary Arts Career Technical Education (CTE) Best Practices, offers an overview of agricultural and culinary arts/food service CTE programs, best practices for such programs, examples of model programs throughout the State, strategic planning advice for new programs, and opportunities for expansion. The third report, California Schools and Universities: Procurement of Locally Grown Produce, summarizes best practices for local procurement among K-12 school districts and California colleges and universities and makes recommendations for how to expand and sustain such programs.

All three reports were written in collaboration with the California Department of Education and the California Department of Public Health and are available on the Farm to Fork Website, at

We look forward to adding more resources and publications soon!