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Celebrating Farmers Contributions to California’s Farm to Family Program

December is Farm to Food Bank Month

Branch of mandarins

Over the years California’s farmers and ranchers have donated more than 200 million pounds to the California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family Program. Here is a glimpse of the generosity that has occurs every year.

Fowler Packing Company donates each year to the program. To date, they have donated 19,204,399 mandarins over the past 12 years!

To date, Harris Fresh has donated more than 14 million onions over the past 12 years!

Pile of yellow onions

Farmers and ranchers are asked to Celebrate ‘Farm to Food Bank Month’ by making a future donation pledge today!  Every donation helps – it’s good for families and good for farmers. Please contact Steve Linkhart of the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) at 866-321-4435.Thanks to CA GROWN for all of your support!

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Farmer Spotlight: La Rosa Family of La Rosa and Sons

La Rosa Family Farms fruit stand at California school.

The La Rosa Family has been farming in Hughson, in Stanislaus County since the 1920’s. La Rosa Family Farms currently has over 60 acres of their own land in production and is also part of a fruit grower’s cooperative in the western region.The La Rosa Family is passionate about farm-to-school programs and works closely with several School Foodservice Directors in the Central Valley for procurement of fresh produce. La Rosa & Sons is also one of the USDA approved vendors for the Pilot Project for Procurement of Unprocessed Fruits & Vegetables.

The farm participates in various farm-to-school events, such as Ag Venture, as well supporting local clubs like Future Farmers of America and 4H. They also offer an internship to local Ag students to provide hands on training in an agricultural business environment.

La Rosa Family Farms produce various vegetables as well as all types of stone fruit, apples, pears, melons, kiwi and more. Take a look at their current offerings on the California Farmer Marketplace under La Rosa and Sons, LLC.

What’s in Season?Five carrots growing in length from right to left

Carrots enjoy a nearly year-round growing season throughout California. Perfect as a standalone snack, they can also be added to soups, salads, stir-fries, and baked goods. Don’t discard the tops either as they can be turned into a carrot-top pesto. Visit our Pinterest page for more ideas. Find out who is currently growing them on the California Farmer Marketplace.

The Season of Giving – December is Farm to Food Bank Month

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross at the Farm to Food Bank Month Event at Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose (Dec 2014).

By CDFA Secretary Karen Ross & Bryce Lundberg, Lundberg Family Farms and member of the CA State Board of Food and Agriculture

Over the years more than 200 California farmers and ranchers have contributed more than one-billion pounds of food to the California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family Program. This is just a small accounting of the many generous donations individual farmers make within local communities to charitable organizations, faith-based groups and schools.

These donations help to support food banks across the state in providing healthy and nutritious farm products to people who need it most. With California’s great diversity of farm products and our abundant agricultural bounty, giving back to local communities is part of the farming character. We’re pleased to recognize the great work that so many organizations and individuals do in helping our fellow residents. As part of Farm to Food Bank Month we once again ask our farmers and ranchers to consider donating or making a future donation pledge to the Farm to Family program. Coordinating with the California Association of Food Banks is easy. A donation can be picked-up at a production facility or a farm and delivered to food banks across the state in just a short amount of time.

To schedule donations, make a donation pledge, or even inquire on how the program can work best with a business – please contact Steve Linkhart, California Association of Food Banks at 866-321-4435.

The California Association of Food Banks represents over 40 food banks joining with 6,000 charities to provide food to 2 million Californians in need.

We ask California’s farmers and ranchers to show support for the Farm to Family Program and make a donation or future donation pledge today.

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