Welcome to CA Farm to Fork!

Welcome to “Tales from the Field,” the California Farm to Fork blog!

California farmers grow so many of the foods we need for a healthy diet. We want to make sure that all Californians, no matter where they live or what they earn, get to eat these nutritious and delicious foods. This means helping individual consumers, food service institutions (like schools and hospitals), and community groups connect directly with our growers.  It also means understanding more about our food – where it comes from, who grows it, how to get it, and how to cook it.

Many organizations around the state are already working to bring Californians food straight from the farm – you can check out some of the amazing work going on around the state on our website’s “Explore Local Efforts” page.  We will feature more stories and tips from groups working in the field to help you learn about what’s going on and how different organizations are tackling different issues.

On our “Regional and Seasonal” page, you can learn about which crops are grown around our state and when they’re typically in season.  This rough guide to seasonal and regional produce also contains links to recipes for some inspiration on how to turn these local fruits and vegetables into tasty meals.  Planning ahead? You can check what’s growing any time of the year by changing the month in the drop-down menu.

As the website develops, we will include information on more California agricultural products – including whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy – and house additional resources for farmers, school food service, and other institutional food providers. Please fill out our survey to help guide our website’s direction.

Welcome to CA Farm to Fork.  And please, dig in!

***The California Farm to Fork Office is a project of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, with support from the California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Education***

5 thoughts on “Welcome to CA Farm to Fork!

  1. adiend

    thank you for this website that explained the richness and diversity of food. in addition to a knowledge is also significant to understand the food is suitable for health. some are able to get a recommendation from this blog about diet and food choices that are suitable for his diet program.

  2. Matthew Belasco

    This is a wonderful tool and resource for school food directors to utilize. It will make our jobs easier being able to see what’s in season and can be acquired locally.

    Nice work F2F team!!

  3. gnosnoring

    California is the best place to visit and this country full with fruits. Fruits are very necessary for the health of human. We gain a lot of nutrition and vitamins from the fruits. Nice information.

  4. BMF

    Very nice idea and your post that farm to fork. This is your right to know about the fields and the foods that you eat. We get all foods from fields. You put an eye on great think. Good work.

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