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Nutrient Management Conference recap available on Fertilizer Research and Education Program blog

The 31st Annual Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) and Western Plant Health (WPH) Nutrient Management Conference was held in Modesto, CA, on November 8-9, 2023. The conference had over 120 attendees including crop consultants, growers, industry representatives, researchers and government personnel.

Click here to view a FREP blog that provides a quick recap of the event, including covering:

  • Pre-conference tour of Duarte Nursery
  • Conference day 1 presentations, workshops, discussions and a poster session about FREP-funded research projects, fertilization considerations in almond orchards and more
  • Conference day 2 updates and presentations on FREP activities, FREP-funded research and education projects and two industry-focused presentations
  • 2023 Nutrient Management Conference Proceedings
(Above) A FREP/WPH Nutrient Management Conference panel discussion focuses on managing water and nitrogen in a wet year. (Below) A pre-conference tour of Duarte Nursery reviewed its irrigation and nitrogen management practices.

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