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CDFA scientist Dale Woods retires after 35 years at agency

Dale Woods retires from CDFA after 35 years of public service.
Dale Woods displays a congratulatory proclamation from CDFA Secretary Karen Ross in honor of his retirement after 35 years at the agency. Dale served in the Plant Health and Pest Protection Services Division and the Inspection Services Division (ISD), ending his career as Environmental Program Manager of the Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program and Organic Input Material Program.
Dale’s accomplishments at CDFA include assisting on Medfly and Mexican fruit fly detection and eradication projects, advising CDFA on all aspects of plant pathology as the Primary State Plant Pathologist, and helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness in weed biological control.
“I stayed with CDFA as long as I did – with three different programs – because I loved every one of them, and especially my knowledgeable and kind colleagues,” Dale said. “All my years at CDFA with its people were fun, challenging and fulfilling.”
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