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CDFA Inspection Services Director Krout-Greenberg among speakers in FDA webinar about 2020 Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Division of Inspection Services Director Natalie Krout-Greenberg is among the featured speakers of a webinar discussion the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is hosting 11 a.m. to noon (PST) on Thursday, July 30, about its 2020 Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan.

FDA developed the 2020 Leafy Greens Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) Action Plan due to the reoccurring nature of E. coli outbreaks associated with leafy greens in recent years. The plan addresses actions FDA is taking in 2020 to advance work in three areas: prevention, response and addressing knowledge gaps. Designed to help foster a more urgent, collaborative and action-oriented approach, this plan requires collaboration between FDA and stakeholders in the public and private sectors, including industry and regulatory partners.

Featured speakers include FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas; FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition Deputy Director for Scientific Operations Dr. Steve Musser; CDFA Division of Inspection Services Director Natalie Krout-Greenberg; and United Fresh Produce Association Senior Vice President of Food Safety & Technology Dr. Jennifer McEntire.

Krout-Greenberg’s contribution to the discussion will be an update on CDFA’s work and partnerships to advance food safety as part of the 2020 Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan.

Visit FDA’s website to learn more about their 2020 Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan and register for the webinar. Registration closes at 9 a.m. (PST) Wednesday, July 29.

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