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Safe Animal Feed Education Program survey helps guide outreach and education for 2023

Participants of the SAFE Program survey included a majority of livestock feed manufacturers located in California.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program recently conducted a survey of Commercial Feed Licensees and those who subscribed to receive information about SAFE via the CDFA Email Subscriptions webpage. The survey was conducted to identify industry-preferred areas of focus for 2023 SAFE outreach and education.

Out of 100 survey participants, 51% were livestock feed manufacturers, 16% were brokers/resellers, 14% were human food processing facilities selling by-products to animal feed and 19% included out-of-state manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers, retailers and nutritionist (see Figure 1).

The most popular options for preferred areas of SAFE education included 58% for commercial feed label requirements, 57% for knowledge of feed safety hazards and 46% for feed ingredients – what is safe and approved for use in feed? The majority of survey participants (36%) voted operations would benefit from this education and the majority (65%) voted that a webinar is the most preferred educational format (see Figure 2).

For further details of the SAFE survey, its results and SAFE’s planned actions, read more in the Commercial Feed Regulatory Program’s Spring 2023 Quarterly Feed Update.

Shown are responses to the primary question of the SAFE Program survey, “I and/or employees at my company would benefit from education in which of the following areas? Select all that apply.”
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