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Showcasing the work of CDFA’s Inspection Services Division

CDFA’s Inspection Services Division has released its Annual Report for 2021 (Fiscal year ’20-’21).

CDFA Inspection Services Division Annual Report 2021

The report gives an overview of programs within the Inspection Services Division (ISD), as well as information about boards and committees; a fiscal year summary; and the mission, vision and goals of ISD employees. Pictures and statistics illustrate how programs fulfill the CDFA Strategic Plan goals of: promoting and protecting agriculture, maximizing resources, providing engagement and education, remaining dedicated to customer service, and investing in employee development.

Highlights include:

  • The Direct Marketing Program reported 2,427 Certified Producer Certificates were issued and there were more than 627 Certified Farmers’ Markets operating in California.
  • The Center for Analytical Chemistry developed 13 new scientific methods while satisfying the regulatory and monitoring needs of 30 public agencies.
  • The Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) Grant Program awarded more than $2 million to universities and agricultural organizations for research, demonstration and education projects related to the environmentally safe and agronomically sound use and handling of fertilizing materials.
  • The Farm to School Incubator Grant Program awarded $8.5 million to 60 farm to school projects in California to support local and regional farm to school projects that promote nutrition education, sustainable food production and procurement, and high-quality student engagement through experiential learning.

Visit the Inspection Services Division homepage to learn more about its mission to provide professional services that support and contribute to a safe, abundant, quality food supply; environmentally sound agricultural practices; and an equitable marketplace for California agriculture.

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