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ISD Staff Spotlight: Stephen Siegel’s best memories on the job are from collaborating with fellow CAC scientists

NAME: Stephen Siegel


PROGRAM: Center for Analytical Chemistry – Environmental Safety Laboratory, Environmental Analysis

TITLE: Sr. Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)

USUAL DAILY ACTIVITIES: During a typical day at the lab, I usually do some organizing/planning, reviewing/releasing sample results, maintaining/repairing analytical instruments, holding small group meetings, ordering lab supplies, assisting staff with sample analysis and method development, and staff training.

HOW DO YOU WORK FOR THE CALIFORNIA FOOD SUPPLY? I work with a group that provides analytical support for studies that monitor pesticides in the environment and studies that help ensure optimal agricultural worker protection.

MEMORABLE MOMENT ON THE JOB: Working at the Center for Analytical Chemistry (CAC) for 24 years has provided many memorable moments on the job. The best memories are from collaborating with the great staff we have here at CAC to overcome some difficult challenges when developing new analytical methods.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY? It means a lot to me both personally and professionally to be a part of this laboratory. I enjoy coming to the lab each day and working with the staff and learning from them, as well as imparting my knowledge and experience to them.

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