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Did you know CDFA Avocado Inspection Program is in full operation?

Did you know that the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Avocado Inspection Program has been in full operation this spring/summer? Simultaneous with the California avocado season, inspectors funded by industry through the California Avocado Commission annually provide uniform inspections to ensure that all California avocados comply with minimum standards.

Avocado Inspector Jose Diaz enters data from the results of avocado dry matter testing.

In 1972, the California avocado industry sponsored legislation that created the Avocado Inspection Program to protect the industry and consumers by providing uniform inspections. Avocados are inspected for maturity; defects; size, count and weight; standard container and pack; and container markings.

Inspectors have performed more than 9,000 size count tests to date of the approximately 369 million pounds of California avocados estimated in this year’s crop forecast. This season has been unique for inspectors, adhering to stringent state safety rules and guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, inspection staff members are proud to be considered essential workers while maintaining professionalism in helping keep the food supply flowing during these difficult times.

Visit CDFA’s Avocado Inspection Program website to learn more.

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