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ISD Staff Spotlight: Amy Garfinkel enjoys supporting statewide farm to school efforts

NAME: Amy Garfinkel


PROGRAM: Farm to School

TITLE: Farm to School Network Lead

USUAL DAILY ACTIVITES ON THE JOB? I feel very grateful to get to work as a part of the California Farm to School team. Each day, we work together to administer the California Farm to School Incubator Grant Program and coordinate the California Farm to School Network. I really enjoy talking with grantees and others throughout the state who are involved or interested in farm to school and learning how we can best support their work.

HOW DO YOU WORK FOR THE CALIFORNIA FOOD SUPPLY? Our team helps to support California farm to school programs, which connect California food producers and schools, increase students’ access to California-grown food in school meals, and engage students in hands-on learning opportunities about food.


MEMORABLE MOMENT ON THE JOB? A few months ago, our team toured a school district’s new central kitchen where school food professionals will prepare school meals for students from scratch using fresh, local ingredients. It was really exciting and inspiring to see the space and hear about the district’s plans to increase students’ access to fresh, delicious and nourishing meals. There were murals on some of the walls featuring beautiful produce that the district buys from local farms and there were also amazing cooking tools like a life-sized salad spinner and dough maker!

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE? I love this quote by Julia Child; it’s about cooking but I think it also applies to life! “Try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun.”

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