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A pest of known economic or environmental detriment and is either not known to be established in California or it is present in a limited distribution that allows for the possibility of eradication or successful containment. A-rated pests are prohibited from entering the state because, by virtue of their rating, they have been placed on the of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services Director’s list of organisms “detrimental to agriculture” in accordance with the FAC Sections 5261 and 6461. The only exception is for organisms accompanied by an approved CDFA or USDA live organism permit for contained exhibit or research purposes. If found entering or established in the state, A-rated pests are subject to state (or commissioner when acting as a state agent) enforced action involving eradication, quarantine regulation, containment, rejection, or other holding action.

Scolymus hispanicus L., Golden thistle, Spanish salsify

California Pest Rating Proposal for

Scolymus hispanicus L., Golden thistle, Spanish salsify
Current Rating: A
Proposed Rating: A

Comment Period: 07/27/2022 – 09/10/2022


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