Black Vine Thrips

Black Vine Thrips

Image: female Retithrips syriacus (Mayet) | Black vine thrips
Image Source: Thrips of California, 2012

Distinguishing features:
Body dark brown, tarsi yellow, antennal segment III yellowish brown, segment V almost white; fore wing grey with three brown swellings. Body shape distinctive, with pterothorax unusually broad. Head wider than long, ocelli on conical projection, posteromedian area reticulate.

Antennae 8-segmented, but segments VI–VIII sometimes without dividing sutures; III & IV each with forked sensorium that lacks a basal stem and arises in large pit.

Pronotum exceptionally short. Mesonotum without longitudinal division. Metanotum with ;broad reticulate triangle, one pair of setae near posterior.

Tarsi 1-segmented. Forewing broad, with 3 swellings along costal margin; costa without cilia; posteromarginal cilia straight.

Tergites III–X grooved medially, III–VIII with 1 pair of large median setae; VIII with long posteromarginal comb of microtrichia; sternal marginal setae small.

[Source: Thrips of California, 2012]