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2018 FREP Grant Cycle, Phase II

In this year’s competitive grant process, twelve project leaders were invited to submit full proposals. The proposals, listed below, are now under review by experts in the field and the Fertilizer Research and Education Program’s Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC). Proposals are evaluated based on scientific merit, applicability to California agriculture, and the potential for impact on stakeholders.

Once the proposals have been reviewed by TASC and peers, TASC will decide which projects to recommend to the Fertilizer Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB) for funding. FIAB will discuss the TASC’s recommendations and forward the recommendations to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Secretary for final approval. Selected grants will go into effect on January 1, 2019.

  • Improving Nitrogen and Water Use Efficiency in Carrot Production Through Management Tools and PracticesUniversity of California Cooperative Extension, Imperial County
  • Impact of Recycled Almond Hulls on Nitrogen and Potassium Dynamics in Orchards – University of California Davis, Department of Plant Sciences
  • Understanding Influences on Grower Decision-Making and Adoption of Nitrogen Management Practices in the Southern San Joaquin Valley – University of California Davis, Department of Environmental Science and Policy
  • Developing a Nitrogen Mineralization Model for Organically Managed Vegetable Farms on the Central Coast – University of California Santa Cruz, Department of Environmental Studies and University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County
  • “Crop Nutrient Minute” Video Series – Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship and International Plant Nutrition Institute
  • Nitrogen Management in a Suitcase: Direct Measurement of Nitrate in Irrigation Water and Planning Assistance for Growers – Solano Resource Conservation District
  • Improving Nitrate and Salinity Management Strategies for Almonds Grown under Micro-irrigation – University of California Davis, Department of Plant Sciences
  • Assessing Drip Irrigation and Nitrogen Management of Fresh Onions Produced in California Low Desert – University of California, Desert Research and Extension Center
  • Promoting the Adoption of Soil Nitrogen Quick Tests by Spanish‐speaking Operators on Strawberry Ranches in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties –Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County
  • An Integrated Framework for Assessing Effects of Irrigation and Fertigation Management on Nitrate Movement in the Deep Vadose Zone – University of California Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources
  • Efficient Water and Nitrogen Management Practices for Mixed Leafy Baby Green Vegetables in the Desert – University of Arizona, Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences
  • Pima Cotton Nitrogen Management, Uptake, Removal – Impacts of Varieties, Subsurface Drip and Furrow Irrigation University of California, West Side Research and Extension Center

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