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New Guidance Available for Commercial Feed Licensing and Tonnage Reporting

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Commercial Feed Regulatory Program recently released five new guidance documents to help industry understand when a commercial feed license is needed, who pays inspection tonnage tax, how to apply for a license, and how to report tonnage. The program is also working on updating “how-to videos” for navigating the ExtraView Database for license …

Notice to Industry: Damaged Feed

With the impacts of Tropical Storm Hilary in southern California, the Commercial Feed Regulatory Program is again sharing this notice to industry, original date April 2023.

CDFA releases 2022 Veterinary Feed Directive Summary Report

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship (AUS) Program announces the release of the 2022 Veterinary Feed Directive Summary Report. This report presents an up-to-date illustration of Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) feed manufacturing and distribution in California. The annual VFD Summary Report has been developed to provide a transparent and thorough explanation of the AUS program’s involvement …

Quarterly Update Newsletter: Issue 15 – Summer 2023

View the newsletter here: In this Issue:

The Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Infographic Highlights Role of Livestock and By-products in California Sustainability Efforts

California leads the nation in production of nuts, fruits, vegetables, wine, and beer. Processing these foods creates various “by-products” such as fruit pulp/pomace, almond hulls, brewer’s grains, and other products not consumed by humans. The California livestock feed industry has been sustainably up-cycling for generations by converting forages and by-products into high quality, nutritious products such as meat, milk, and …

New guidance available for California commercial feed labeling

The Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) program has recently published 3 guidance documents to aid industry in developing commercial feed labels that are compliant with California and federal regulations: California Commercial Feed Labeling Guide  Label Review Checklist  SAFE Medicated Feed Label Guidance  These documents are all found on the Commercial Feed Regulatory Program (CFRP) and SAFE websites under “Labeling Resources”.

Quarterly Feed Update highlights Commercial Feed Regulatory Program’s 2022 sampling data

Click here to view the Spring 2023 Quarterly Feed Update.

Safe Animal Feed Education Program offers guidance on minimizing feed manufacturing carryover

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program announces the release of 2023 SAFE Feed Manufacturing Carryover Guidance. This document is intended to be an educational tool for industry and covers flushing procedures, sequencing procedures and flush verification. Good Manufacturing Practices require feed manufacturers to address carryover, i.e., when feed from one batch is inadvertently …

Welcome to CFRP’s Run of the Mill blog!

Welcome to the Commercial Feed Regulatory Program’s very first blog! Named by the talented team members of the CFRP and crafted to deliver the latest news, updates, and other goodies relating to the program, industry, and much, much more. Please check back often for new content and to subscribe to CFRP’s Run of the Mill! We are so glad to …