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Grower Training Sessions to Certify Nitrogen Management Plans

Regulations adopted by the Central Valley Regional Water Board require growers to prepare an annual Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP) for land enrolled in the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. If a growers’ fields are located in high vulnerability areas, their NMPs must be certified. Certified Crop Advisers with Nitrogen Management Training can certify these plans or growers can opt to self-certify.

Through FREP funding, NMP training for growers has been conducted since 2015. More than 53 grower training sessions have been held throughout the state of California, with nearly 3,000 grower certification exams graded.

For a grower to self-certify their NMP, they must meet the following requirements:
Taking the grower training test

  1. Complete a CDFA Nitrogen Management Training & pass a Nitrogen Management test (score 70%)
  2. Complete three hours of continuing education over the following three years.

Below is a list of the grower training sessions currently available for sign-up. Growers may attend a training session outside of their coalition region to receive certification. This program is administered by the Coalition for Rural and Urban Environmental Stewardship (CURES). Please visit CURES website for registration details and more information.

San Joaquin County and Delta Water Quality Coalition
Thursday, 1/11/2018
Tuesday, 1/30/2018
Thursday, 2/8/2018
Butte County Farm Bureau
Thursday, 1/11/2018
Yolo County Farm Bureau
Wednesday, 1/10/2018
Wednesday, 2/7/2018
Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau
Thursday, 1/11/2018
Dixon Resource Conservation District
Thursday, 1/18/2018
Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association & Tule Basin Water Quality Coalition
Wednesday, 2/21/2018
Kings River Water Quality Coalition
Wednesday, 3/14/2018

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