CropManage Hands-on Workshop

What is CropManage? CropManage is a free online decision support tool for irrigation and nutrient management in a variety of crops. Designed by the University of California (UC), this tool helps growers, irrigators and ranch managers make confident production decisions based on research and real-time data. CropManage can be configured to work with many different […]

Research Update: California Fertilization Guidelines

Research Project: Online Fertilization Guidelines for Agricultural Crops in California Project Leaders: Daniel Geisseler (CE Nutrient Management Specialist) and William Horwath (Professor), Department of Land Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis. Project Status: Completed Project Location: Statewide Issue: California grows over 400 commodities that account for one-third of the country’s vegetable production and two-thirds […]

Research Update: Plant Nutrients in the Classroom

Project Leaders: Judy Culbertson (Executive Director) and Austin Miller (Communications Program Coordinator), California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom Project Status: Completed Project Location: Statewide Introduction: As children grow, they begin to form opinions about food production and agriculture, and providing them with the right knowledge can aid their discovery. It is crucial that we […]

Research Update: Nitrogen Fertilizer Loading to Groundwater in the Central Valley

Research Project: Nitrogen Fertilizer Loading to Groundwater in the Central Valley. Thomas Harter et al. Status: Completed Issue: Nitrogen, in the form of nitrate, is the most common pollutant found in Central Valley groundwater. Nitrate has a maximum contaminant level (MCL) in drinking water of 45mg/L (NO3). Under natural conditions, groundwater nitrate may occur in […]

Nitrogen Management Training for Certified Crop Advisers

What: The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) and the Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP) of CDFA are offering a one-and-a-half day Nitrogen Management Training to California Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs). Why: CCAs play an essential role in helping farmers comply with California’s developing environmental regulations through thoughtful adaptation and reporting of […]

Grower Training Sessions to Certify Nitrogen Management Plans

Regulations adopted by the Central Valley Regional Water Board require growers to prepare an annual Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP) for land enrolled in the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. If a growers’ fields are located in high vulnerability areas, their NMPs must be certified. Certified Crop Advisers with Nitrogen Management Training can certify these plans or […]